Ted Nugent, the "Red Rocker", is totally nuts.
Dodged the draft:

1960's. People were dodging the service in many ways. Cheney went to college, Romney went to a castle in France as a Mormon Pastor, W hid in the Texas Air National Guard until they found him and he ran away.
Limbaugh cried about an easily removable cyst on his ass but Ted....Ted was special.

Ted Nugent shit his pants and wore them for a week. When he went in for his selective service interview he drank tons of coffee to get hyper then acted insane. It worked. His classmates and friends went to fight while he sat home on a 4S (mentally unstable) deferment.

Child molester:
Ted had an underage girlfriend he was openly banging. He got worried about the law so adopted her reasoning that incest was best under the circumstances.

Ted went to Iraq to perform for the troops. This is not the asshole part. After returning Ted stated that the two weeks he spent in a luxury hotel in Iraq being protected by troops was equivalent to service in Nam so he felt vindicated. Sure, Ted, two weeks of playing the axe gaurded by soldiers is the same as two years of slogging around in rice patties getting you ass shot at. Sure.

Twisted mister:

Now Ted spends his time threatening women with having a gun shoved up their snatches or talking about cutting off Obama's head or .....well, you get the picture. Big talk for a pathetic little shit who would cry for mercy if he ever had to really confront danger.
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These two pictures show the true Ted. On the right, how we see him. And on the left, how he sees himself during one of his psychotic events. Seek help, Ted. We can't help you with your mediocre guitar playing but we may be able yet to save you from yourself.